May 27, 2020
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Chinese smart phone companies with new strategy?

Top Chinese smartphone brands are coming together to close the Google Play Store in the Android app distribution. Chinese companies Shawomi, Wave Technologies, Oppo and Vivo are set to create a separate app store platform where app developers from outside China can upload their apps.

The biggest blow to the Chinese company Wave, which was banned in the wake of its trade war with the United States, came at a time when Google Play Services was losing out.

Wave, the world’s second-largest Android smartphone brand, has lost its Google Play services as US companies obeyed the government’s directive not to deal with Wave.

Google apps, including the Google Play Store, were unable to use Wave phones. Wave is facing this situation by launching its own App Store. Wave and other Chinese smartphone companies are convinced that the Google Play Store’s monopoly on the app distribution has led to such a situation.

In this case, there is a move to replace. To this end, Shawomi, Wave, Oppo and Vivo formed the Global Developer Service Alliance (GDSA). The goal is to give app developers the opportunity to launch their applications, including games, music and movies, in foreign markets. The companies aim to launch GDSA in March

But it could be delayed if the corona virus threat remains. Google’s flagship Chinese smartphone brands have made a move in the Android smartphone market.

Google had earlier informed the US government that the government’s decision to suspend its deal with Wavey would be a serious threat to American companies. Wave has decided to use its own developed Harmony OS as Google’s Android OS is not available. It is reported that many Chinese companies are willing to adopt this OS.

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