May 27, 2020
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Sharing such messages on WhatsApp may get you in jail

WhatsApp is a chatting app used by most people. WhatsApp is used by people from all walks of society, including politicians, activists and filmmakers, to chat. Meanwhile, WhatsApp groups have become a major concern of authorities. Because WhatsApp messages are able to induce mob attacks.

With the implementation of WhatsApp, End-to-End encryption is a big headache for police to track messages. However, the reality is that this encryption cannot protect you completely. Because WhatsApp keeps track of all the messages you send.

If so, ask the police or other authorities to provide. The messages are encrypted, but the police can get information, including your name, IP address, mobile number, location, mobile network, and mobile phone.
Also, who are you chatting with. Police know how long and how long they have been chatting. The police can also be prosecuted under the Information Technology Act 2000. If you do certain things on WhatsApp, it could even lead you to jail.

  • WhatsApp group admins can be tracked and jailed if any WhatsApp group member is found to be promoting illegal activity
  • You will be arrested if you share pornographic content, especially child pornography, on WhatsApp.
  • Morphing and spreading pictures can be arrested.
  • If women complain of bullying through WhatsApp, you can sue.
  • If you open a WhatsApp account in someone else’s name or a false phone number, you can sue.
  • You can be arrested if hate messages spread against any religion or shrine.
  • Fake news or pictures that provoke violence can be prosecuted.
  • Do not use WhatsApp to sell drugs or other banned substances.
  • You can be arrested for illegally photographing people and sharing them on WhatsApp
  • You can sue by sharing porn clips and hiding camera footage.
    (Courtesy: Times of India – Gadgets Now)

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