May 27, 2020
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The most useful WhatsApp strategies and features l

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used apps for smartphone users. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, has more than two billion users worldwide, reports say. India is one of Watsap’s major and largest markets.

In this WhatsApp we don’t know many of the features that the company offers to its customers. Let us get acquainted with some of these features.

WhatsApp has simplified file sharing, especially photo and video sharing. With WhatsApp, we can quickly transfer photos to various contacts and groups. But when we send a photo with WhatsApp, the platform is shipped to the recipient by reducing its size. It does not provide the quality of the original image. But the solution lies in whatsapp, send it as a document. Instead of sending photos, click on the attachment and select the document. From there you can turn your picture into a document. With no change in size and quality.

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that can transmit voice messages. But often we are unable to hear those messages, especially in a public setting where our private conversations cannot be played out loud. But there is a solution to that in WhatsApp. Click on the Play button to listen to audio messages, then turn the phone to your ear as you speak. The audio will be moved from the main speaker to the earpiece.

Many messages are received daily as photos and videos. These messages are downloaded directly to your gallery if Auto Download is not turned off. This may include images that you keep secret. Such people can hide photos and videos that come as WhatsApp messages.

Click on any contact or group of video / photo messages that are in the gallery and click on Media Visibility option. Once you click on the ‘NO’ option, the photos and videos from this message will no longer be displayed in the gallery.

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